I have evidence that a time traveler from the future went to November 1963 in Dallas, Texas to save John Fitzgerald Kennedy from Lee Harvey Oswald. His time machine placed him on the grassy knoll with a rifle from the era. As he aimed at the book depository, sunlight glinting off a window distracted the time traveler, and he accidentally aimed low as he pulled the trigger. He shot Kennedy, while Oswald's bullet over-penetrated the president and struck Texas governor John Connally. His mission a failure, the time traveler returned to the future before any onlookers caught him.

Spike, stay away from Julia! She's Borat voice my wife!

The second reference point is the Thompson Contender from “Sympathy for the Devil.” Spike and Jet cut a space gem into a bullet and jam it into a .308 Winchester cartridge. Then, to kill an 80-year-old child, Spike fires the Infinity Stone round out of a modified Thompson Contender and into the kid’s head, instantly aging him into a mummy. I’m being glib because the scene is preposterous, but in spirit it’s very similar to how Fate/Zero’s Kiritsugu Emiya deals with his problems. Kiritsugu is a professional wizard hunter who uses “origin rounds” to disable his targets’ magic abilities. Origin rounds are bullets made from Kiritsugu’s ribs chambered in .30-06 Springfield.

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And I’d seen the show satirized by real life:

While watching the show and taking notes, certain moments stuck out to me as possible points of reference for subsequent art with which I was familiar. But when I dug deeper on each of these reference sources, I started to doubt my perception. Was I imagining these connections to make the show feel more important? Is this like when you describe a friend as looking identical to a celebrity from memory, and then check your work later and discover they look nothing alike? I felt like Oedipa Maas looking for hidden messages in the logo of a regional parcel service. They’re just images, they’re not related! I will tell you how I think they’re related.